November 19th, 2012

Bullet River – A Book Review

Every time I read a book by Dani Amore, I feel I’m in the hands of a real pro. A body is discovered, and the Garbage Collector (that’s just a nickname) has to find out who did it and why.

Be aware that once you start this book, you will probably not put it down again even if you smell smoke or if fire breaks out. The sentences are so clipped, the dialogue so spare, I found myself devouring the story just to know what was coming next.

Reading this sort of mystery is always a pleasure because pros like Dani Amore stick to certain formulas – there has to be some violence, there has to be some badness – but I’ve learned with this author to expect the unexpected. I love what this Garbage Collector accomplishes with a baseball bat.

Until you reach the end of the story, you are held hostage to your Kindle. Short, sweet, and explosive, this book delivers on its promise.