November 28th, 2012

Chicago by Night

So here are a few photos from my recent trip to Chicago that I thought you might enjoy. Here I am with Randy Richardson, author of the book Cheeseland and President of the CWA, Chicago Writers Association. We sampled the beer and nachos at Rock Bottom Brewery located at Grand Avenue and State Street, and shared memories of growing up here in the days when road trips to Wisconsin, where the drinking age was lower, were a part of growing up.

I’m not afraid to walk underneath the El tracks in Chicago – what do you take me for, a tourist or something? Have you ever been to Chicago? Leave a comment down below, and let me know.

Rivers come and rivers go. The Chicago River is the only river I’m aware of whose direction was reversed by engineers, a feat they accomplished exactly 112 years ago. To be honest, the Chicago River ain’t much to look at by day, but at night it lights up with the reflections of the city lights.

Take that, all you newfangled architects out there: Marina Towers, Chicago’s own twin towers. Built in 1964 and containing 450 condominiums and 900 parking spaces each, the corncob towers still score high for eye-popping uniqueness, don’t they?


In Chicago there are many famous buildings, and they don’t all look like corncobs. Remember this one, from the Transformers movie?

My favorite theater marquis on North State Street deserves a place in this little pantheon too. By day it might even escape your notice, but by night it lights up the sky.