December 24th, 2012

10 Ways Smart Phones Hurt Writers

1. Unless you have amazing self-discipline, watch out for that social media addiction
2. Zap incoming notifications into the trash can instead of becoming a slave to them
3. Up till the advent of the smart phone, it took a lot more clicks and infrastructure to check emails and surf the net; are you writing as much as you aimed to?

4. Not active but passive consumption is king with smart phones. Reading is active. Watching videos is passive.
5. Zoning out is good if it leads to reflection. At what moments in the day did you used to take time for reflection? Are you getting out your phone and checking stuff during those moments now?
6. Are you constantly switching from one thing to another rather than focusing for a period of time on one thing on your smart phone? It’s the antithesis of what we do when we read a story
7. Might people accustomed to smart phone entertainment have less patience for long strings of words that make up a story?
8. Are we losing the gift of gab? Sometimes people are glued to their smart phone when they could be talking together. How is real-life dialogue changing?
9. Now smart phones have invaded the bedroom and the dinner table, the grocery line and the office chat around the coffee machine. These are places where we used to tell each other stories. Is the story becoming irrelevant?
10. Did you notice how smart phones bring Google ever closer, meaning we don’t have to remember stuff because we can always look it up? We have access to more memory, but our own collective memory is turning to mush.

“I fear the day when technology takes over our humanity. The world will then be a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein

Rant over. Let’s hear your thoughts — do I worry too much?