March 11th, 2013

3 Lies


You probably thought I was going to write about politics, there – ha, ha! No, just a book review, instead, but a very good book: 3 Lies, by Helen Hanson…

Actually this is just the kind of book I really like, featuring sympathetic characters, an unusual plot, settings in places I’d hang out in if I could, and lost of really good, crisp, witty, even hilarious writing. The main character, Clint, is a likeable fellow whose software has changed the world. After ten years on the nonstop treadmill, Clint has dropped out and is living on a boat called the No Moor.

Running through the book as its plottish backbone is a terrorist scheme involving the supreme court. We discover the details little by little through the eyes of main characters Beth Sutton, who is kidnapped, and Clint, her boyfriend, who desperately searches for her. Beth suffers from a condition that requires dialysis every three days. When she is kidnapped and the ordeal stretches on far longer without her equipment, her situation becomes dire. Clint’s struggle to find her turns into a classic race against time.

Helen Hanson

I became totally caught up in the story, even as red herrings kept cropping up to distract me. Like Clint’s soon-to-be ex-wife announcing she’s about to have the baby they always wanted. Wouldn’t you know it – she’s a lawyer! Or Clint’s longtime business partner and childhood friend, Todd, pressuring him to come back to work. Or Beth’s uncle, the esteemed Supreme Court Justice, who out of the clear blue sky slaps a restraining order on him.

No matter if the world goes slightly haywire, here in 3 Lies. The ending is supremely satisfying, as any good thriller should be. If you enjoy a little humor mixed in with your action and thrills, don’t miss this book by Helen Hanson.


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