April 24th, 2013

Forbidden Call – 5 Stars

Forbidden Call tells the story of a parallel world in which good and evil are pitted against each other in an epic struggle for control. This team of New Breed warriors, including Soaring Eagle (SE), has been assembled by the goddess Akina to defend the world against the attack of Toltec, an evil and powerful force to be reckoned with.

The conflict of two people falling in love across enemy lines is a good old classic, and it works beautifully in Forbidden Call. Main heartthrob SE is satisfyingly tortured with his amnesia, then his realization of who he is and who he lost years ago. It’s an amazing story, worthy of a hero. Ana no less so, the girl who was monstrously exploited by her own mother from birth on, who was thrown out of the New Breed camp after being caught spying for Toltec, and now returning to spy on Toltec for the forces of good. I love this structural symmetry. It has gravitas.

The characters in Forbidden Call seem comfortingly like ordinary human beings, with their snarky banter back and forth, their friendly rivalries, and their fears and phobias. But each one has the super powers befitting a member of the elite New Breed of warriors. Pax can transform himself to resemble any other person in perfect detail, for example.

The erotic realism as Ana and SE discover each other’s bodies is juxtaposed with lightning quick paranormal action, as the characters vanish from one place and re-materialize effortlessly in another. Their wounds heal faster, they kill their enemies with deft movements, and yet they get really hungry at mealtime, and scarf down their food with serious focus.

From the product description I am aware that Forbidden Call is the first book in a series. I love this world where good meets evil against a backdrop of Mayan history, and I’m looking forward to further installments.

Martha Bourke


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