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May 11th, 2013

Dream Castle in Germany

Every castle you’ve ever imagined looks like this, the one built by Ludwig II in the late 1800s.


Braving the elements of rain, wind, and cold, we went there today, Mom and I. After the long bus ride from Munich, we transferred to a horse and carriage. Here you can meet our horses, Rainer and Brigitte.


Mom and I with our horses

Rain could not prevent us from walking down the mountain, even if it deterred us from hiking up.

Under the shadow of Neuschwanstein Castle, we drank a last cup of çay before getting on the bus again. And where is YOUR dream castle??

Neuschwanstein Castle near Munich

May 1st, 2013

10 Places I Want to See

Venice – Bridge of Sighs

Birthdays are for making resolutions (or are those just dreams?). Live each day to the fullest, be healthy, be happy. All the usual pap. I started making a list of some places I’ve never been, and also a few I’ve been to and want to go back.

Ever consider Paris? The train ride from where I live lasts just three hours. Ideal for the weekend. Let’s go!

Rome is on my list, but also Venice, all those canals. So romantic, I never tire of them. How do they hold the water back over there? What’s in that water anyway?

After France and Italy, I would be happy to go back and see old haunts and old friends in Chicago and California. What about some blues at the Kingston Mines? Is it even still there on North Halsted? OMG it is! … and Northern California, where my sister lives, Grass Valley, Nevada City, around there, it’s the best place I know to see shooting stars. Just lie down on the porch and watch the sky for about two minutes, and you’ll start seeing them. Satellites too.

Brazil has always been one of my dream destinations, after seeing the movie “Bye Bye Brazil.” Sao Paulo … Salvador … Rio … the Amazon … I wouldn’t know where to start. Maybe some Portuguese lessons would be advisable. I love the sound of that language, and don’t start me on the music …

Every once in a while I ask myself, when are you going to see Asia again? the only countries I’ve visited in Asia are India and Japan, both wonderful places. Hiking over a volcano in the rain for eight hours, then soaking in the outdoor hot tub that evening in the country inn with a light rain falling on my face … unforgettable. Thanks Nat for taking me on that adventure.

Returning to Turkey is high on my list. How can it be that I’ve been to Turkey four times and still not left Istanbul? (with the exception of a short trip up the Bosphorus to the Black Sea last fall) There is more to see there. Why have I spent 7 years learning the language if I don’t explore the rest of the country? Answer: slow learner. In ALL things.

Even if I don’t make it to all those places in the next 12 months, before my next birthday, I know I will visit some of them. It’s just a question of making up your mind, right?

For now, I’ll just keep working on my latest manuscript, going tomorrow to my wonderful beta readers. Stay tuned. This summer the new Annie Ogden mystery is coming. See you soon!

Departures Basel Train Station