July 17th, 2013

Ethan Justice – Serial Killers and Comic Relief

On the basis of the first Ethan Justice book a few months ago, I was primed to pick up the sequel. To my surprise, I liked this one even better.

Recovered now from their last showdown with evil (book 1), Ethan and his detective (and sometimes romantic) partner Savannah Jones are just plain two of the nicest yet most interesting private detectives I’ve had the pleasure of encountering. Their insecurities with each other, and when facing off against some really nasty enemies, are both endearing and maddening, at times.

Unfortunately, Ethan may be a first-class fighter, but he’s a lousy shot. This makes for some welcome comic relief more than once in the novel. Gorgeous, dark-haired Savannah comes from the wrong side of the tracks, compared to prep-school graduate Ethan, but she’s plenty smart and plenty resourceful. It’s a pleasure watching these two try to sort out their own relationship, with an awkwardness that’s downright comical.

Bestseller Author Simon Jenner

Crime thrillers, it’s often said, stand or fall on the depth and complexity of the villain. Ethan’s nemesis in “Relentless” could hardly be more gruesome or sadistic and yet at the same time brilliantly manipulative. I like to read while eating, but not the descriptions of this villain as he disposes of the bodies! Epic battles result in the London borough of Twickenham. The book builds to an extremely satisfying ending which contained several surprises. Highly recommended!


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2 thoughts on “Ethan Justice – Serial Killers and Comic Relief

  1. Simon

    Thanks so much for reading and reviewing my latest book. It’s much appreciated. I’m glad it provided some comic relief although I can understand that reading it while eating might not have been the best combination!

    1. Fred Post author

      My pleasure, Simon. You just keep on writing them … I need to eat less anyway!

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