August 28th, 2013

He Used the Convertible for What?

When the old company called me up asking if I wanted to take some old plants off their hands, I pictured a couple of tired pots that would fit on the corner of my desk, or maybe on the windowsill. After all, everyone else still working there had first dibs. I got to take the ones nobody else wanted.

Boy was I surprised to find twelve monster plants in the hallway waiting for me when I arrived with my VW Golf. Some of these plants have been sitting in a corner somewhere for the last 15 years.











Problem: how the heck am I gonna get these things home? That’s when I realized what a lucky stroke it was that some good friends were ready to unload their convertible just two weeks ago. I offer you: a new way to put your convertible to good use.








Didn’t the police pull you over, you’re asking? Good question. I fully expected that they would. Fortunately there was a Champion’s League qualifying game on last night, with Basel playing against Bulgaria, in Basel. The police were busy!


Anyway, 12 monster plants have now found a new home at my place, giving us extra oxygen and that nice jungle feel. Grrrrrrr!


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5 thoughts on “He Used the Convertible for What?

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  2. Brea

    So funny! We see a lot of “creative” uses of vehicles where I live, so I don’t think you would have even received a second glance here. Way to be green!

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