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August 5th, 2013

$500 in Prizes in Trivia Contest – Week 2

Up to the stars with a $5 Amazon gift card – we have our first winner, from week 1 on the Doing Max Vinyl Trivia contest. Congratulations to Kate I., whose right answer “electric green” was chosen from all the other entries with right answers!

Zealous contestants are reminded that all entries with right answers are automatically entered in the final grand prize drawing scheduled for approx. March 2014.

Unless I am mistaken, it is now time for Trivia Question #2 referencing posts 5, 6, and 7 on the serialization of Doing Max Vinyl on Venture Galleries.

Now here is Question #2: What does Todd give Annie, which she asks to keep? The winner will be chosen among all the right answers entered on Sunday, August 11 at approx. 12 midnight P.S.T. and announced the following day.

Zounds! (Always wanted to use that Shakespearean interjection.) Is that too easy? It’s only a trivia contest, silly. But it is also your chance to read Doing Max Vinyl FREE!

And I would like to remind all participants that answers MUST be sent to to be counted. Your deadline for Trivia Question #2 is Sunday, August 11 at 12 midnight P.S.T.

Man, it was a lot of work setting up that special email address. I am so not good at stuff like that …

After I finish this blog I am going to go and play with my kittens. They are 15 weeks old and getting frisky.

No stalling, now, go and read posts 5, 6 and 7 of the serial of Doing Max Vinyl on Venture Galleries, and send me your answer. Good luck!!!



August 3rd, 2013

Ocean of Fear by Bestseller Helen Hanson

Now presenting … my review of Ocean of Fear, the new international thriller by Helen Hanson …

This is a marvelous thriller with all the elements thriller readers crave – tough but likeable characters, gripping action, exotic locations. The plot is unusual, and several added twists which I can’t elaborate on without spoiling it, make the book a real original.

There is a blond hunk at the center of it all, Baxter Cruise – his name is so perfectly Santa Cruz, surfer dude. He’s mildly bad, with his spamming racket, but redeems himself one hundred fold, and turns out to be a normal guy with feelings and a conscience and smarts on top of it all.

FBI agent Claudia Seagal is tasked with solving the initial murder. As she systematically works through the evidence, which leads her closer and closer to Baxter, we realize that she is another one of the walking wounded. You can’t not like her, and the stage is set for a couple of characters who might just put their ghosts to rest and get on with life, if only they can survive this roller-coaster ride of a deadly, crime-filled international adventure.

The revealing window on the inner psyche of these two characters kept me reading even

Bestseller Author Helen Hanson

more than the action-filled plot. I found their mutual yearning to be utterly believable. This human touch makes a satisfying counterpoint to the many details of a technical nature that are part of the story, which serve to amplify the effect of the frightening imagination of the criminals.

All in all, a whopper of a thriller – highly original, structurally impeccable, lovable characters, and sharp-witted dialogue all the way through. Thoroughly enjoyable!

And before I forget, the book is currently specially priced at just 99 cents. Don’t wait! More information here.