September 10th, 2013

And the Winner Is …

Never give up, especially in a trivia contest, especially when you have so many chances to win! Week 6 of the Doing Max Vinyl Trivia question has ended, and the winner is Darci P. for the right answer to the question about what was in the small white envelope. The answer was three marijuana joints. Congratulations Darci! You win a $5 Amazon gift card and you are also entered in the grand prize drawing.

At the risk of boring you to tears, I would like to remind all readers and participants that every correct answer submitted by the weekly deadline gets you an additional ENTRY in the grand prize drawing. The big winner gets a $200 Amazon gift card. Second Prize is a $100 Amazon gift card, and third prize gets you $50.

Right, and now you would like to know the Week 7 Doing Max Vinyl trivia question? Here it is: Where do Ike and Tranny have dinner to celebrate their phone deal? You will find the answer in Part 20, Part 21 or Part 22 of the serialization of Doing Max Vinyl on Venture Galleries. While you’re on the VG site have a good look around — they’ve got a great collection of fiction and commentary for your enjoyment.

Big reminder #2: your submission must be sent to to be considered valid, and the deadline is Sunday, September 15 at midnight PST. I will try to announce the winner the day after, but sometimes life gets in the way (like this time — sorry!)

Enter the Doing Max Vinyl Trivia Contest and you win in 3 ways: 1) the weekly prize of $5; 2) the grand prizes mentioned above; 3) you get to read Doing Max Vinyl for free. Oh, and maybe I should remind you of my Goodreads giveaway, too, which ends Sunday, September 15th. Enter here for a chance to win one of 7 autographed copies of Collateral Damage.

Now, as if all this weren’t enough, we are also starting the countdown to my new book, Book 1 in an entirely new series. The book goes to early readers on Sunday. It should be available in November 2013. I’m so excited! Okay, time to go to Venture Galleries and read Parts 20 – 22 to find the answer to the Week 7 question … good luck!



Frederick Lee Brooke launched the Annie Ogden Mystery Series in 2011 with Doing Max Vinyl and followed with Zombie Candy in 2012, a book that is neither about zombies nor sweets. The third mystery in the series, Collateral Damage, appeared in 2013. Saving Raine, the first book in Fred's entirely new series, The Drone Wars, appeared in December 2013, and was followed by its sequel, Inferno, in June 2014.

A resident of Switzerland, Fred has worked as a teacher, language school manager and school owner. He has three boys and two cats and recently had to learn how to operate both washing machine and dryer. He makes frequent trips back to his native Chicago.

When not writing or doing the washing, Fred can be found walking along the banks of the Rhine River, sitting in a local cafe, or visiting all the local pubs in search of his lost umbrella.

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