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September 2nd, 2013

Switzerland – Top Stories Today


I don’t know about you, but when I see a good book reduced to 99 cents, I’m tempted to grab it. COLLATERAL DAMAGE falls into that category, friends. The sale is on, in celebration of my official launch blog tour. This is better than sex. And this is as low as the price will EVER go, so now’s your chance.


Like I said, I’m on tour. You can get all the info on the Novel Publicity page.


Otherwise just hop on over to Corinne O’Flynn’s page Ode to Writing for a tremendous surprise to kick off the tour. Corinne and I met when we both placed in a short story contest going on two years ago, and we’ve been friends ever since. Thanks for your inspired creation, Corinne!


Very important announcement concerning the Doing Max Vinyl Trivia Contest. The Week 5 winner for the question about the puffins is Teresa H. Congratulations Teresa! Teresa wins a $5 Amazon gift card in the weekly draw, and is automatically entered now in the grand prize drawing which will take place at the end of the contest.


Even though I’ve already mentioned it once or twice, I’m going to remind you that the grand prize winner gets a $200 Amazon gift card, the second place winner $100, and the runner up $50. With prizes like that, just think of all the things you could toss in your cart!


Your Week 6 Trivia Question goes like this: What was in the small white envelope Deborah gave to Alden which he was supposed to give Troy? The correct answer can be found in part 17, 18 or 19 right around the corner on Venture Galleries.


Orders from headquarters: submit your answer by midnight PST on Sunday September 8 to


Up till now, it’s been easy to find those answers. Maybe it’s going to get a little harder … but ultimately all you have to do really is read the serialized posts on Venture Galleries. I hope you enjoy it!