August 3rd, 2015

The Drone Report

Drone-Blogby Drone Reporter Nicole Pieretti

Drones could change the way of the future — but are you ready for this new, high-tech  to take over? Drones could transform everything from agriculture, aerial photography, emergency services and delivery. Could this new technology benefit us and take us even further into the next-gen of the future or will it cause more harm than good? What if you walked outside your house and the sky was buzzing with drones?

Drones will save us money, eliminate human error, take pilots out of the sky, deliver packages to remote areas of the world and protect transportation lanes. It seems like drones can do no wrong—right?


The FAA was supposed to announce the rules and regulations of drones in 2015, and they have just recently released them. Now that they are out, the new directives are under much speculation. People say they are vague and unclear. Are you comfortable with drone operators only requirement being a written test? Shouldn’t they need a pilot’s license as well? Sure, drones will alleviate some of the risks pilots take because they are unmanned aircrafts, but that doesn’t mean the ones flying the drones are as good as pilots, does it?


Amazon as recently gotten permission to start testing what they call Amazon Prime Air. They cannot deploy their idea until they get the regulatory support but one day this could be a very big possibility.

Picture this. You’re sitting at your computer or laptop and suddenly have an itch to do some online shopping because your tired brain needs a break from the endless work  in front of you. You type Amazon in the search bar, and you find that Rolling Stones poster you’ve been searching for, or the super expensive wrinkle cream you’ll regret buying later, or even that Tempurpedic comforter you’ve been aching for. Whatever it may be, you place the order and BAM! it magically appears on your doorstep in 30 minutes. A drone found your house and delivered it to you. Does this sound like a scene pulled from a science fiction movie? Think again…it’s about to be available in a neighborhood near you!


How could a high-tech unmanned aircraft help farmers? What if you had a device that could transmit information about your crops and direct you to those exact spots where crops need more or less water or chemicals? It would save a huge amount of time. Agriculture companies that have tested drones say their businesses have skyrocketed. The FAA is working on rules to allow all businesses to use drones.


Drones will fly us into the future of technology. But what about the safety of them? What about our privacy standards? Will you step out of your house one day and see drones circling above you delivering packages? Taking aerial photos? Spying…?