February 3rd, 2016
Frederick lee brooke presents

Book Review: Drone Command, by Mike Maden

by Rachel Borene

Drone Command, by Mike Maden, is the third book in the Troy Pearce series, a fast moving science fiction political thriller. Featuring edge-of-your-seat action and realistic drone technologies, the novel follows protagonist Troy Pearce as he heads to Tokyo to dissolve a dangerous dispute which has risen between Japan and China over the claiming of the East China Sea. Peace must use his cunning to expose hidden agendas and stop an already precarious situation from turning into World War III, all while coming to terms with his own burdened past.

Set in the year 2017, the book starts out with a bang, introducing us to Admiral Ji, who is unwavering in his brutal persistence for violence when he spots a drone spying on him as he rallies his men for war.

Pearce must stop Admiral Ji before an international crisis occurs, and as the action moves from sea to land and back again, carefully researched drone technologies mix with smartly imagined science fiction, pushing readers to the edge of their comfort zones as they discover along with Perace what the future could hold when technology falls into the wrong hands.

Working alongside Pearce is Margaret Myers, former President of the United States. Myers, a strong willed woman who seeks no pity, must use her military prowess and endless valor to help stop the impending destruction, even while battling her own life threatening illness.

Combat enthused readers will be thrilled as Pearce and Myers take on their adversaries through both mental and physical brawn, using drone technology, firearms, and hand to hand combat. Myers uses her innovation and persistence to keep herself alive, rigging up what technology she has to keep herself alive during the most crucial moments. The lush tapestries of Japan and China act as backgrounds to the action, painting an image both beautiful and terrifying as the characters explore the potential for both good and evil that lies in every human being. Succinct and gripping chapters keep the plot moving at breakneck speed, while a peppering of flashback chapters fill the reader in on Pearce’s past. The cast of characters, well rounded and from a variety of backgrounds, gives the book a real world feel with heroes that readers will want to root for.

Though this is the third book in the the Troy Pearce series, the author has provided a character list and a page of technological abbreviations in the front of the book, making the novel accessible new readers.

Fans of political and techno thrillers are sure to find Drone Command to be a down-to-earth science fiction treat.

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