May 9th, 2016
Frederick lee brooke presents

Women in the Wind: The Enthusiastic Community of Women Drone Pilots

by Drone News reporter, Rachel Borene

Whether you’re a brand new drone hobbyist or an experienced pilot, you may wonder where you can learn more about the growing number of women who are a part of the drone community.

To start, look no further than the Amelia Dronehart group, a club comprised entirely of women who fly both commercial and handmade drones. With over six hundred members on Facebook at the time of the publication of this article, the club is a growing and vibrant community. Members range from young girls who are flying their first drone to trailblazing scientists such as Roberta Villavecchia.

Villavecchia, an advocate for girls in science, is a former aerobatics pilot and NASA Engineer, who helped develop fuel for rockets during the Apollo missions. Along with spending her time introducing girls to the excitement of science, she can frequently be found flying her Phantom series of drones through the open skies of Northern California.

Then there’s the Helicopter Girls, a video production team comprised of pilots Emma Boswell and Katya Nelhams-Wright. Based in London, England, they specialize in using drones to capture high-quality video footage and have worked on movies such as Mission Impossible 5.

Pake Salmon, a native of Hawaii, is another photographer who is known for her exquisite aerial wedding photography and breathtaking surfing videos. By using her drones to capture wedding photographs, she’s able to highlight the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands where the events take place. For her surfing videos, her precision as a pilot allows her to fly her drones above the surface of the ocean, achieving perspectives which would otherwise be impossible to capture.

If you’re interested in keeping up on news in the drone community, have a look at the website of pilot Sally French, also known as The Drone Girl. Not only is French a widely published author on the topic of drones, she’s also worked as an undercover agent, using her drones to expose and crack down on crime! She appeared in Forbes Magazine’s article “Four Top Women Shaping the Drone Industry.”

No matter where you look in the drone community, there’s intelligent and innovative women there to inspire you!