August 9th, 2016
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Drop Your Work and Pick Up a Drone!

by Drone Reporter Rachel Borene

If you’re thinking that drone technology may one day replace the work that people typically do with their hands…well, you may be right!

The latest brainstorming in the drone community has resulted in a downpour of unique ideas.

For example, pilot Berni de Nina created a game where he “fished” for one drone atop a roof using another drone. By attaching a traditional fishing line and hook to the flying drone, he was successfully able to pluck the second drone into the air to be delivered back to him. The fun process can be seen here:

Using drones to retrieve items from dangerous places could reduce the risk of injury to both people and larger machines, and word has it that the electrical company GE is researching into drones to do similar jobs, such as inspecting damaged power lines.

How about planting trees?

The company DroneSeed, with a location in both Seattle, WA, and Beaver, OR, specializes in using drones to plant, maintain, and survey forestland. Not only does this cut down on the cost of manual labor, but it also is a fast and effective way to maintain land that’s subject to extreme location or weather.

In Japan, even childcare is being meshed with drone usage. With a dire need for childcare workers, a prototype of a childcare drone, called Or-B, is being programmed to do the repetitive tasks that typically wear a human childcare worker down, such as reading the same story to children over and over. With Or-B working to entertain children, human workers can focus on more personal interactions and taking care of tasks not yet capable of being done by drones.

If you don’t have children, don’t worry—your dogs can now be entertained by drones, too! One doggy daycare, The Watering Bowl, has used drones to capture live footage of what the dogs are doing at their facility. The dogs are entertained by the drones and chase them, which also provides mental stimulation and exercise. (4)

So, what do you think you could use a drone for? The possibilities are limitless, and with a little imagination, anything is possible!