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November 2nd, 2013

Cassidy Jones Launchpad

Bestselling Author Elise Stokes

I have the pleasure of introducing you to bestselling author Elise Stokes and her wildly popular series revolving around 15-year-old superhero Cassidy Jones. We are celebrating the launch of Book #3 in the series!!

Cassidy Jones and the Seventh Attendant (Cassidy Jones Adventures #3):

Some Secrets Are Better Left Buried…

When the mysterious Gavin Phillips returns to Seattle after a prolonged and unexplained absence, he threatens to expose fifteen-year-old Cassidy Jones’s incredible secret: she is a superhero. But his presence is far more sinister than she realizes, for it soon becomes apparent that his hidden agenda holds a dark and dangerous intent that will unleash an unparalleled evil upon an unsuspecting world. Can Cassidy stop him before all is lost?



About the author

Elise Stokes lives with her husband and four children. She was an elementary school teacher before becoming a full-time mom. With a daughter in middle school and two in high school, Elise’s understanding of the challenges facing girls in that age range inspired her to create a series that will motivate girls to value individualism, courage, integrity, and intelligence. The stories in Cassidy Jones Adventures are fun and relatable, and a bit edgy without taking the reader uncomfortably out of bounds. Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula, Cassidy Jones and Vulcan’s Gift, and Cassidy Jones and the Seventh Attendant are the first three books in the series. Book Four, Cassidy Jones and the Luminous, will be released in 2014.


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October 9th, 2013

Meet Gary Henry, Author

Until you’ve had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the mug, you won’t know what you’ve been missing! I have the pleasure of featuring author Gary Henry this month, as part of my Independent Authors International collaboration.

Read Gary’s book AMERICAN GODDESSES, and you’ll be in for a roller-coasterish treat.

Before you read the elevator pitch or the prolog, you might be interested in this interview with Gary Henry, conducted by Scott Bury.

Each of us has his reading preferences, and I’d be willing to bet you’ll want to read more, after this:



When two small-town women find themselves with nearly unlimited paranormal powers, their lives get complicated. Things turn nasty as a shadowy organization attempts to use Megan and Trish for their own evil ends, and destroy them, their town and the USA in the process.



Democratic Republic of Congo — The dusty green war trucks rumbled into the sun-baked central square of the small village, gears clanking and brakes squealing.

Villagers peered from their wood, straw and mud huts, where they sheltered from the midday heat. They saw the convoy of half-a-dozen flatbed trucks and hum-vees, bristling with armed men in green camouflage and purple berets.

“Into the square! Everyone! If you value this worthless village! Now!” roared the unit’s leader. He stood in the lead humvee beside the driver. He watched like a raptor, as the men, women and children of the unfortunate village shuffled fearfully into the square.

Papa Rosie, village mayor, rushed into the cool dimness of his own home, furthest back from the square.

“Mama Rosie!” he cried. “The soldiers are back! The soldiers are back! We must hide!”

Mama Rosie, an immense black woman cloaked in an orange and blue muu-muu, looked up from the cassava root she was grating for sweet pudding.

“Calm yourself, Papa,” she said to her thin, wizened husband, a serene smile on her generous features. “We will go speak to these soldiers.”

“Speak to the soldiers! Don’t you remember last time?”

The big woman took the hand of her quaking husband. “This will not be like last time,” she said. She led him like a child out of the house and into the square.

The appearance of the large, colorfully-clad woman and her small mate caught the leader’s eye and he barked a command. On one of the flatbeds, a soldier knelt by his M2 50-caliber recoilless rifle, tripod mounted, loaded with armor-piercing rounds.

The soldier swiveled the weapon toward Mama Rozie and lined her up in the crosshairs of the gun sight.

“Make an example of this large woman!” the commander shouted, and the gunman squeezed the trigger.

Derbyshire, U.K. – The tall man, dressed in black, stepped up to the bank teller’s window. “Look,” he said to the small woman on the other side of the counter. He moved his jacket aside, revealing a large-caliber hand-gun in his waistband.

He handed her a cloth bag.

“Fill this with money,” he said. “Do it quietly. If you hit the alarm, I’ll shoot you in the face. In the confusion I’ll get away. I’ll shoot a few of your customers on the way out.”

He stared directly into the teller’s intense blue eyes, taking in her tousled mop of white hair and handsome, regular features.

She smiled.

Ueno Zoo, Tokyo – A series of mishaps and at least one failure to precisely follow transport protocols, and the two tigers leaped to freedom into the crowded pedestrian avenues of the zoo.

People screamed and scattered as the 10-foot-long, 600-pound cats stalked warily past the lion enclosure toward the nearby souvenir and snack shop.

Spying a group of school children paralyzed with fright, the two animals charged with light leaping bounds that appeared to defy the constraints of gravity.


About the Author, Gary Henry

Grew up at the beach in Virginia. Discovered the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Rockies in college, where I studied journalism and theater. Honed my writing craft in the military as a “Navy Journalist.” Taught journalism at the Defense Information School.

Discovered spelunking while stationed in Nashville, Tenn. Love the AP Stylebook. Retired from the Navy, live in Lawrence, Kansas with spouse Karen Ann and dogs Sophie Jones and Lambchop.

Write marketing copy and technical for a manufacturer of construction products. Enjoy running all day and night on trails in woods. Wrote my first novel a couple months after discovering Smashwords. Now living happily ever after.


September 3rd, 2013

Featuring Alan McDermott

Today I’m very pleased to introduce you to Alan McDermott, author of Gray Justice and the two sequels, Gray Resurrection and Gray Redemption. Gray Justice alone has garnered 479 reviews on Amazon, so you can imagine that this series has captured the heart of a huge number of readers.

Later in September I’ll interview Alan McDermott, I might have a little excerpt, and I’ll post my review of Gray Justice here as well. Here’s a synopsis of the book:

When a son is killed by a career criminal who spends just a few months in jail for his crime, the father can either accept the decision of the court, or make his voice heard: When it happens to Tom Gray he chooses the latter and takes retribution to a whole new level. His five-day campaign reaches a global audience and the British government needs him alive, but four thousand miles away an up-and-coming figure sees the chance to make a name for himself and travels to England with one mission: kill Tom Gray.

Alan McDermott, Author

Alan McDermott lives in the south of England and is married with beautiful twin daughters. When he’s not creating clinical software for the NHS he writes short stories for his daughters and thrillers for everyone else. In his spare time he wishes he had more spare time…

Alan loves to have visitors on his website. His books can be found in many locations including, but not limited to:


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